T-Shirts Protesting the Crackdown on Large dogs Banned in China

The crackdown on large dogs that was initiated in the capital city of Beijing has definitely triggered many other cities in China to follow its lead! More and more cities in different parts of China have also started to crackdown on their own large dog residents…

This inhumane and unjust government order has outraged dog lovers and owners throughout China. With very limited freedom of speech or action to protest against the order, people have still been trying everything possible to make their voices heard. The Chinese government authorities, however, have also been working hard on muzzling people’s voices. Even t-shirts protesting the crackdown have been banned by the police! The t-shirt had a design with an image of a dog and text “Dogs didn’t do anything wrong, NO to the crackdown on dogs”. One seller of such t-shirts, as shown in the picture, was contacted and threatened by the police until she had no choice but to finally stop selling the t-shirts.

Don’t let their voices be silenced! We have made a new series of campaign T-shirt that you can own to show your stand!
Please get a campaign T-shirt and say NO to the crackdown on large dogs in China. Please let all of the dog lovers and activists in China know that they are not alone!

NOTE: 100% of the profits of your purchases will fund our activism work in helping animals in China. Please help us help animals!

English translation for the Chinese Text on the T-Shirts:

I’m very big and also very lovable 

Please Stop the Inhumane Dog Restriction!










White: $13USD + Shipping

Grey: $15.50USD + Shippng

Black: $16.8USD + Shipping

Sales tax or VAT may apply depending on where you live.

All t-shirts come in 5 sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXL(an additional $1.49USD)

More choices of dog breeds on the T-Shirts will be available soon.

You can place an order by filling out this form:

Please contact us if you have any questions


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