WangWang Wheel Chair Mission Completed!


Updates on the mission of finding the right wheel chair for WangWang, and this is a GREAT one! Please read on : –

After WangWang’s story was first featured on our Facebook page and website,we were overwhelmed by the attention and love we received from people all over the world. Many people then joined the mission of helping us find right wheel chair for WangWang. Over the course of a few days, we began to receive offers that were far more generous than we ever expected.

We first received an offer from one of our awesome facebook supporters who offered to completely cover the cost of WangWang’s chair. A huge thanks to that incredible family; we love you guys and two of your fury angels!! Before we could take them up on their offer, however, we unexpectedly received an email from a Director at Walkin’ Wheels, the fantastic US manufacturer of doggie wheel chairs. After learning of WangWang’s story and terrible injuries, they offered to donate one of their wheels chairs. Thanks to their incredible offer, WangWang’s chair will soon be arriving, and she’ll finally be able to regain much of the freedom and joy of movement that was so cruelty taken from her We cannot thank Walkin’ Wheels enough for what they have done. Their comany makes a whole host of products to help disabled dogs lead better lives. The work that they do alone makes us want to give them a big hug. Their level of generosity and love for dogs all over the world, however, has left us all speechless. Thank you again Walkin’ Wheels! (

We also want to extend a huge thanks to Doggon’ Wheels. They also contacted us with an offer to donate a chair to WangWang. When we received their email, however, we had just accepted Walkin’ Wheels’ offer. So, although we weren’t able to accept their generous donation, we still want to give them a big shout out for not only being a great company but also great people!!

As soon as WangWang receives her wheel chair from Walkin’ wheels, we’ll be doing a full write up about their WangWang with her new chair including lots of pictures and probably some video of her tearing it up with her new hot rod

Thank you again to everyone who has sent your words, thoughts, and prayers to WangWang, Xiaoli, and everyone who works with this angel. WangWang is very fortunate to have all of you, and her life is infinitate better thanks to each and every one of you!

WangWang’s original Story:

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