An Animal Rescue and Animal Rights Activism Themed Tour-Live Report on Carys’ China Trip

Carys Bennett, one of our supporters from Leicester Animal Rights (L.A.R) in England is currently visiting China. Before she left for China, I was able to arrange an “animal rescue and animal rights activism themed tour” for her! During her trip in China, she is going to visit one of the rescue groups that have been featured on this page: “Kunming Yixin Home for Rescued and Stray Animals”.  Aside from the Yixin, Carys will also be visiting other animal rescue shelters as well as animal hospitals in Beijing. During her visit, she will be meeting activists, rescuers, volunteers, and even law professionals.

With Carys’ permission, over the next few days I will carry out a live report on her tour in China that will take us into the world of animal rescue and activism in mainland China. We will follow along Carys’ journey and have an intimate encounter with some Chinese activists, volunteers, and animals.

My hope with this little exposé is that it will allow everyone here to experience the sensation of being “in the mix” with the real activists as they engage in the day-to-day work that is helping to make China a better place for all animals, and all from the comfort of home.

Please follow Carys’ China trip on the WGAPC Facebook page

Cary’s reflections on her May China trip:


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